We pick the best places, without being frightened by their potential inaccessibility. We build small and productive beehives that guarantee us an excellent quality result. Thanks to the modern technologies, we accurately identify collection and transhumance days. A reduced number of hives allows us to respect the timing that each production requires. Cold pressed, aged in steel drums and filtered, our honey is preserved at temperature control until the potting. We wait for a complete and natural crystallization process to take place inside the buckets, then we break the crystallized mass mechanically and mix it cold. In this way, we obtain a creamy and homogeneous honey, easy to spread. daDA Miele meets the taste of the consumer and the respect towards the nature of the product.

24 jars of 28g each

Different honey types to taste a novelty a day or

to donate them in a beautiful gift box.

Slow, like the long bees effort, the unceasing nectar collection, the packaging, the preservation of honey. For a slowfood to be consumed for pleasure and with pleasure:
to regain good food as a value.